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Did you know? (10 amazing facts about hemp)

Hemp seeds provide more high quality protein, fiber and healthy compounds than any of the other millions of plants on earth! Hemp is an excellent material for insulating homes and other buildings, eliminating the need for fiberglass! It can take as long as twenty years for a tree to mature for harvest.  Hemp can be harvested after growing for only four months! Fabric made from hemp is stronger, warmer, more absorbent and resists mildew better than cotton! Hemp oil is one of the best sources of the good fat known as poly-unsaturated fatty acids! Hemp plants are immune to most plant diseases and insects so they can be grown with far less herbicides or pesticides than conventional crops! Hemp can be used to make ethanol to power gasoline engines, as well as oil for diesel engines! Hemp plants “eat” radiation, one of the leading causes of cancer and thyroid disease! Hemp has the ability of eliminating radioactive toxins from the soil! The United States is one of the only industrialized nations on earth that has outlawed hemp farming. Hemp has been used for centuries as a natural herbicide. Capable of growing up to six (6) feet in just 2 weeks, [...]

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Why use Hemp?

Hemp (Cannabis sativa, L) is an annual herbaceous plant. It can grow to heights of 3-16 feet in a 120-day growing season. If rotated with other crops, it can be grown without pesticides or herbicides. It can be grown in all 50 states, and can be suitably grown for industrial purposes throughout a large portion of the world without irrigation. History Hemp was the first crop cultivated for textile production, and may have been the first plant ever cultivated. The first hemp industries appeared simultaneously in China and Eurasia around 8000 BC, and it was cultivated throughout history by most major civilizations as a source of rope, clothing, sails and paper. No one knows for sure when hemp first made its way to North America, but it may well have arrived with the first inhabitants. European settlers brought hemp and hemp industries to the New World. Hemp has played an important role in American history and many colonies required citizens to grow it. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers and advocates of hemp. Betsy Ross' flag was 100% hemp cloth; the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. In this century, Henry Ford created a car with [...]

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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

In this blog post, let’s examine the top 5 health benefits of hemp protein powder. By now you might have already heard a lot of fancy things being said about hemp protein, but perhaps you still believe it’s only meant for vegans and vegetarians to ingest, am I right? Naturally you are still a little skeptical and still not fully convinced yet? If you swear to soy or whey protein powder and thinks those are the best two protein powder supplements, well.. I’m sorry I have to break it to you, but you’re wrong! Let me summarize this up and give you the top 5 hemp protein benefits. Every farmers dream makes it YOURS too! Hemp actively helps fight chronic disceases Whole food – VERY nutritious Most effective! Strip that belly fat Hemp protein powder benefits explained.. Benefit #1: Every Farmers Dream Makes It YOURS Too! Hemp protein is 100% pure, it comes directly from nature and is not grown using any herbi- or pesticides. It’s simply not necessary to grow hemp, because hemp is a weed which takes care of itself. It’s every farmers dream really. Those who know about it anyway, and who doesn’t live within the U.S (production [...]

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Recipe: RAW Hemp Protein Cereals

I’ve always thought of breakfast meals as something I just had to get over with. I didn’t find it very appealing and exciting. The only reason why I did eat breakfast at all, was because, as you know, it is perhaps the most import meal of the day. Now it has actually become one of the best meals of the day. I’m going to share my secret with you guys now. You really should try it, because I guarantee you it is very healthy, highly nutritious and it will keep you from starving for hours. RAW Hemp Protein Cereals: What do you need (for 2 people)? A good blender Oatmeal Vanilla Sugar Raisins Bananas (1 for each portion) Apples (1 for each) Hemp protein powder (2 tsp) Strainer (to filter the water from the oatmeal) Organic frozen blueberries (I use 175g frozen blueberries for 2 portions) Nectarines (1-2 for each) Hazelnuts (40-50g) Preparation time: at least 15 minutes This is how you do it (1 portion just scale it up yourself): First take a soup plate for each portion, and fill it with a farly large amount of oatmeal Cover the oatmeal with plenty of water and let it be for at least 5 minutes. You [...]

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Why Hemp Oil is Amazing for your Health

Hemp oil is regarded as ‘Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’ because it’s rich in Omega 6 (linolei/LA) and Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic/LNA), also referred to as the EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), in the perfect 3:1 ratio which is optimal for the human consumption. The oil derived from the hemp seeds is approximately 80% polyunsaturated (the healthy fats). Hemp oil is reputed to be the most unsaturated oil. The EFA’s contained in hemp oil is vital to obtain from external food sources, since our bodies cannot produce it on its own. They are as their name implies, essential – without them life is simply not possible. They are more important than any single mineral or vitamin! As you might know, especially North Americans tend to have a high dietary deficiency when it comes to the Essential Fatty Acids. This deficiency is caused by high intakes of animal fats, and processed foods vs organic natural plant fats and foods. The good news however is that, it’s up to you whether you want to start eating and being healthy! And arriving here, reading this is a great first step! Besides the perfect 3:1 ratio of these EFA’s as mentioned in the beginning of this article, hemp [...]

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Hemp protein vs whey protein powder – which supplement is the best?

This question has been raised and discussed many times in especially the health, vegetarian, and bodybuilding forums all across the internet. Unfortunately it has also been surrounded by mystery, misinformation, subjective opinions and fictitious rumours. Who To Believe? Some ‘experts’ representing the dairy industry, claim that whey protein is the best quality protein, and some vegetarians (obviously representing the direct opposite group) claims that plant protein and especially hemp protein is the most effective and healthy protein. This post will not go into great detail about the quality of these proteins itself (read in-depth info about hemp protein and a comparison here). For now I’ll focus more on the advantages and disadvantages of each protein powder supplement – hemp vs whey. Are you confused? I know I was 5 years ago. Who should you believe? Let me tell you something important.. The Big Question We’re constantly told that whey protein powder works, it’s the most widely known protein powder supplement, and you definitely do see relatively quick results from drinking it (combined with a healthy diet of course). So why on earth should you even consider hemp protein powder as an alternative to whey protein powder? Hopefully, by the time you reach [...]

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