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Hemp Seeds

Unknown to most people, hemp seed is one of the healthiest food sources in the world. The combination of nutrients and amino acids found in hemp seed is an almost ideal combination for healthy living. There are many different products use hemp seed. If you are looking to increase your intake of hemp seed, you can use hemp seed oil, hemp protein powder, or simply shelled hemp seeds. You can even get hemp seed protein bars. Despite the great health benefits of hemp seed, these products are fairly unknown to the public. Similar to the difficulties found with other hemp-based product, many people associate hemp seed with marijuana. This prevents hemp seed products from gaining more widespread use. As well, since farming hemp as a crop is still illegal in the US, it is more difficult to get a good supply of hemp seed products. If you are looking for hemp seed products, they can be found in better-stocked health stores. As well, you can easily purchase hemp seed products at one of several hundred websites. Despite the availability of hemp seed if you are willing to look for it, it will likely remain unpopular until hemp products, in general, [...]

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Hemp Hearts for Health and Weight Loss

What are hemp hearts anyway?  Simply put they are shelled hemp seeds.  In fact, hemp hearts are the “heart” of a shelled hemp seed.  They are comparable in size and consistency to chopped sesame seeds. What makes hemp hearts so great?  Again, simply put they have virtually the highest concentrated balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes.  They are, in essence, a super food and the health benefits of hemp hearts are amazing!  To add hemp hearts to your diet, you can simply add them to your favorite recipes. Of course, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for the fibre, seeds, edible oils, lubrication and fuels.  Recently though, hemp hearts have been shown to have tremendous health benefits above and beyond what was previously thought possible. Not only research, but consumer referral for the amazing health results has boosted sales. If you are wondering what kind of health benefits come from hemp hearts, there are a plethora of recurring chronic health problems that can be addressed with their judicious use. HEART HEALTH / LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE  If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, your heart is working overtime.  Your overworked heart is forcing blood through with [...]

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Hemp Milk Protein

Dairy products taste good especially milk. The only downside is the health risks that regular cow's milk consumption can do to your body. Studies show that cow's milk is not that safe. In fact, the seemingly safe fluid contains a variety of disease-causing elements that pose cumulative hazardous effects on those who consume it on a regular basis.  Wait. So does this mean that you will not be getting your daily dose of protein? Nope. That is not exactly the case. If you really like drinking milk yet you have doubts on the safeness of consuming cow's milk, then you can explore various alternatives. Take hemp milk as a primary example. A lot of people nowadays have tried drinking soy milk and other alternatives to regular dairy products. But of all substitute to cow's milk, hemp milk is probably one of the best. Compared to other milk substitutes, this type of milk provides excellent benefits to an assortment of people's health needs. The main ingredients of this milk are extracted from hemp seed. Hemp seed, obviously, can be found from the hemp plant. Despite the fact that hemp is illegal in the United States, many manufacturers import the seeds from other countries such as [...]

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Hemp Milk Does A Body Good

Is Hemp Milk Really Good for You? Milk is good for you, as you've probably heard over the years. However, the recent years saw questions directed towards the health benefits a person can acquire in cow's milk. Add that to the fact that there are so many people who are lactose-intolerant and allergic to it that it's not surprising to find a lot of people looking for alternatives to cow's milk, and one of the favorite substitutes is hemp milk. So what's the deal with Hemp Milk? Hemp milk, also known as hemp seed milk, is rapidly becoming the favorite of health experts owing to the multiple health benefits they bring to drinkers. It is made by grounding hemp seeds mixed with water very finely. While the seeds indeed come from the same genus as that of a well-known psychoactive drug, hemp milk itself contains little to no delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which the drug contains, making it safe for drinking for both children and adults. What's great about the beverage is that it offers so much more benefits compared to cow's milk and its substitutes, including soy milk. The benefits hemp milk  are: Non-allergenic. Those who need their daily dose [...]

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5 Situations You Should Keep Your Cannabis Use Discreet

Despite the fact that medicinal cannabis use is legal in many states and countries (and recreational use in a handful of states), cannabis use is still associated with a negative stigma.  The outdated “lazy pothead” stereotype is still prevalent in many people’s minds as the direct result of decades long anti-cannabis propaganda campaigns.  As a result of the  negative stigma, cannabis consumers may find themselves in situations where their cannabis use can work against them.  Depending on their unique situation, people may consider being discreet, if not clandestine cannabis consumers in the following situations: 1.  Situations Related to Your Children.  Probably one of the biggest fears for parents that are medical cannabis consumers, is that the custody of their children will be in jeopardy as result of their cannabis use.  So without question, keep your medical cannabis use on a “need to know” basis only.  You may not want to be open about your medical cannabis use to schools, extra curricular activities instructors/coaches or other parents. 2.  Situations Related to your Employment.  The negative stereotype may really work against a cannabis consumer in most industry sectors.  Unfortunately many potential employers think that cannabis consumers make lazy, dishonest or unreliable employees.  When trying to secure and keep a job, in most [...]

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Hemp and Food Products

Hemp and Food Products Hemp is an amazingly versatile plant, boasting dozens of uses in a variety of contexts. In addition to its better-known uses in the production of clothing and furniture, hemp can be consumed as food. In fact, hemp is very healthy, thanks in part to its high levels of protein, dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, three nutrients that are sadly lacking in the average Western diet. Other nutrients found in hemp products include potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, phosphorus, and iron. Together, these nutrients combine to form a food product that promotes excellent physical health. There are three main classes of hemp products used in the production of food: hemp seed, hemp meal, and hemp oil. Hemp leaves are also occasionally used as salad grains. A wide array of preparation methods exist for these different classes of hemp products, allowing the different parts of the plant to be transformed into everything from ice cream to tofu. A few common uses of hemp are outlined below:   Hemp and Milk Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds that have been soaked and then ground into water. Its nutty taste makes it a popular beverage among hemp enthusiasts, especially those [...]

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