Top 5 Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

In this blog post, let’s examine the top 5 health benefits of hemp protein powder. By now you might have already heard a lot of fancy things being said about hemp protein, but perhaps you still believe it’s only meant for vegans and vegetarians to ingest, am I right? Naturally you are still a little skeptical and still not fully convinced yet?

If you swear to soy or whey protein powder and thinks those are the best two protein powder supplements, well.. I’m sorry I have to break it to you, but you’re wrong!

Let me summarize this up and give you the top 5 hemp protein benefits.

  1. Every farmers dream makes it YOURS too!
  2. Hemp actively helps fight chronic disceases
  3. Whole food – VERY nutritious
  4. Most effective!
  5. Strip that belly fat

Hemp protein powder benefits explained..

Benefit #1: Every Farmers Dream Makes It YOURS Too!

Hemp protein is 100% pure, it comes directly from nature and is not grown using any herbi- or pesticides. It’s simply not necessary to grow hemp, because hemp is a weed which takes care of itself. It’s every farmers dream really. Those who know about it anyway, and who doesn’t live within the U.S (production of hemp is prohibited in the States, but importing it isn’t!). As a side note I should mention soy and whey protein is rarely organic – especially soy. The crops are usually heavily intoxicated with pesticides and when soy is produced, it gets processed with Hexane, which is a petroleum based solvent.

Benefit #2: Hemp Actively Helps Fight Chronic Disceases

Hemp protein powder and other hemp products possesses high amounts of good quality fats, and it is also one of the few food sources which contain GLA – we need these nutrients in order to maintain a healthy cellular growth. Health and discease .. what it all really comes down to is how our cells develop, so this is key!

Some of the disceases hemp protects you from are;

  • Specific types of cancers
  • Sudden Cardiac deaths
  • Under developed infants
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Atopic Dermatitis and other skin disceases

Benefit #3: Whole Food – VERY Nutritious

A third benefit of hemp protein is that it has all the essential amino acids, which is also why it is regarded as a complete protein like diary, eggs and meat. Actually hemp protein has an edge over those 3 sources of protein, since it only contains the essential nutrients, which our bodies can utilize to it’s fullest. It doesn’t contain any anti-nutrients. In nutritional value, fish and flax comes in second trailing just behind hemp.

Benefit #4: Most Effective!

Hemp protein consists primarily of the two proteins, edestine and albumin – those are globular (blood) proteins, which is readily digestible proteins. I’ll not go into great detail in this blog post, but blood proteins is really the most efficient protein, which has direct access to enter the muscles fast! Unlike whey, where large amounts is stored as fat, and just lies dorment in the stomach, eventually developing those ugle love handles! (Read more details about the hemp protein globulins here!)

Benefit #5: Strip That Belly Fat

Well I sort of already answered this  question, but hemp contains plenty of the healthy fatty acids, known as the EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) and omega 3-6-9. Most seeds contains large amounts of LA (Linolic Acid), which is from the omega 6 family, but ALA which comes from the omega-3 family is typically a little harder to get from a normal diet. The ratio between omega-3 and 6 should be 1/3, but a typical modern day diet has a ratio more like 1/10 – we need to get more omega 3! Luckly hemp protein has the optimal balance of these fats, but it also contains one of the rarest poly unsaturated fats GLA  (Gammalinolenic Acid) an SDA (Stearidonic Acid) which is normally produced by our own bodies from LA and ALA, but only in very small amounts. For more information about the EFA’s found in hemp seeds, I recommend you check out this article on hemp oil.

Why am I telling you all this? Because these fats not only fights disceases – they also helps you BURN fat!! Hemp protein powder also has high amounts of dietary fiber, which ensures that you don’t feel hungry and over eats all the time. Read more about hemp protein nutritional facts here.

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